Bad luck personified

Bad luck personified

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I mentioned it enough times now. I was driving to the military base I was stationed at this time when suddenly the skyline became slower for a moment. For just one blink of an eye it went from 160 mph to 155 mph. Having still 30 miles to drive I listened to the engine and tried to feel if anything was wrong. Engine sound, throttle response, boost and oil pressure, oil temperature, everything seemed to be fine.

But when I arrived and stopped the car I immediately recognized that metal shattering sound of broken engine-bearings…

Long story short: I paid way over 5000$ for getting my engine fixed. Although I was in apprenticeship to become a car mechanic I had no time and space to do it on my own. The company I put my trust in took the money gladly and “rebuild” my engine. I will not mention their name because I don’t want to advertise those bumblers.

You didn’t think the first engine breakdown was all of the bad luck, did you? Unfortunately the engine didn’t even last a full season long. After stranding in the middle of one of the biggest German highways after not even twelve months, I obviously decided to give somebody else a shot to rebuild my engine now.

While this company removed and disassembled the engine the cylinder head looked like that:


A huge scratch from something like a screw in the middle of the the heads sealing area. The old company stated that the engine builder attached something there. I would say “money well spend … not!”

In addition we noticed that all of the important screws and bolts where tightened with  random torque. The piston rings were way to small. The engine did blow 30hp through the crankcase breather right from the start.

But there have been better times, and there would be better times in the future!

Stay tuned!

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