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After having yet again a broken engine I had to recover from all the fast-fixing and cheap solutions. I thought about settling it once and for all. That’s why I decided to give my engine to the NISSAN engine experts of Zex-tuning. [calm down you get the engine pictures at the articles end .]Unfortunately those engine wizards were located somewhere in Bavaria, the deepest south of Germany.DSC_0274

We somehow managed to get the engine shipped to Zex-tuning. While he took it apart we had a lot of petrol head talk like only motorfanatics could have. The one time I visited him I was greeted by some excellent hardrock. The shop is some kind of small familiar shop you immediately have to like when you see it.

Of course we discussed the parts and the performance and reliability. We finally settled with the following specs:

  • Wössner Pistons
  • Spool I shaft Rods
  • ARP Headstuds
  • ACL main and conrod-bearings
  • Cosworth Head gasket
  • Drilling and honing with dummyhead
  • new crank collar
  • Greddy style intake manifold
  • Siemens 750ccm injectors
  • Full cylinder head rebuild
  • Tomei 260° in + ex camshafts
  • Titan valve  springs
  • Tomei Type L fuel pressure regulator
  • Greddy timing belt
  • 6 boost exhaust manifold
  • tial wastegate
  • balancing pistons, conrods and crankshaft for 10.000rpm
  • Compturbo CT4/67/65 tripple ceramic bearing turbo

It has become a pretty long list, especially when you look at my version with all the small parts that were needed. (And the price tags as-well.)

But isn’t it a beauty now it’s back in my shop? (excluding the bubble wrap).


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