Rust, a cars cancer

Rust, a cars cancer

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While the engine was at Zex tuning, I decided to give the body some love. I did tow the R34 Chassis to my local auto painter who had the advise to ged rid of the rust in engine bay and trunk.


The skyline love to rust, especially when they come from the British isles. It’s not like every skyline from there has rust, but the chances are pretty high. Unfortunately the skyline have a desire to rust in the most complicated and most hidden corners. For example between two sheets of metal on the front strut towers, or underneath the body-sealing in the trunk.

Removing rust in those areas is tough work, you will have to remove some body panels, drill some spot welds and re-weld all the parts again.

I used the time to move a lot of parts to the new shop, there was no chance to store all the car parts in my garage and driveway anymore.


It looks like I had plans to wear different bodykits for weekdays and weekends. Most of the parts got sold until now. In addition to the big bulky parts I had to store somewhere, I had a lot of – soon to be – skyline parts in countless boxes. Bigger brake calipers, new lug nuts, towing straps, anodized screws and washers, recaro seats, intercooler, oil cooler, a pair of 3″ harnesses, you name it, it’s there. Some parts were sold, some new parts arrived, it is somehow like a stock exchange for car parts.

Next time we take a look at the repainted engine bay and trunk and take a look into the shop as-well.

stay tuned!

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