The skyline odyssey

The skyline odyssey

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Well, as I mentioned in an earlier post my new luck with my skyline didn’t last very long.

For making the car street legal the headlights needed to be rebuild to comply with registration standards. Unfortunately they were street legal now – but I didn’t see *BEEP*. I guess you know what I mean! For gods sake I was happy to have those incredibly bright fog lights. But as if that wasn’t enough the rebuild headlights decided to upgrade them self from halogen to napalm:


Doesn’t it look sad with its headlights (and front bumper) missing?

I gave them away for rebuild with original nissan xenon parts and modding those for LHD traffic. Without any headlights of course the car stood still. While it did so I decided to switch out the radio which started¬†in a horrible cable clutter. Looks like the japanese preowner didn’t care much about tidiness.


The summer days went by and finally my rebuild headlights arrived. At least I was able to enjoy some last summer days with my car and my friends. All’s well that ends well? …unfortunately not.

Stay tuned!

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