Even more rust

Even more rust

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While the car still was at the auto painter I decided to overhaul the boot lid. After standing outside for a long time it was pretty evident that it needed some attention.


I sandblasted the very rusty parts of it, the rest was sanded by hand. It was a pity that even some old memories had to be removed during the process.


After sanding and cleaning and even more sanding and cleaning I painted the boot lid with grey primer and test mounted the GT Wing.

Meanwhile the auto painter had finished my car. Since we had no tow truck or something similar we decided to tow the chassis to my garage with another car. Since that was not that legal we did so stealthily like a thief in the night. (Sorry guys, no pictures of something that never happened.)

The car was now in my garage, had its rear arches widened slightly and of course no more rust in engine bay and trunk. I immediately felt the need to put the trunk back on and stick some more unfinished bodykit parts on it to check the looks of it. In terms of safety I added some arresting cables as-well to keep everyone behind me safe even above 155mph.

It is needles to say that I was pretty satisfied with the look of it. Besides of shining in lots of different primer colors and being held together with duct tape.


Thats it for now guys, stay tuned for more regular updates!

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