Keeping the grip

Keeping the grip

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Keeping the grip is essential, no matter what you do. If you go for drag racing, time attack or even drifting. Traction means control, full control means that you can use the full potential of your car. There are many, if not countless, ways to improve a cars handling.

It starts with the tires and goes from there actually through the whole car. But for this time we will settle with the next best part after the tires, the coilovers.1My car already was equipped with a tein HA suspension when it arrived from japan. Not knowing that, it was a nice surprise. When I decided to rebuild the car I made the plans to take a closer look on the coilovers as well. After all they were more than ten years old.

As you might have seen in the header image. The tein coilovers were in a pretty bad condition. Further more the shock test showed that two shocks were bleeding. Unfortunately tein was not able to deliver replacement parts.

Almost settling with the idea to test a low budget coilover set fortune smiled on me and I was able to lay my hands on a used R33 GTR aragosta Track coilover set.


Albeit being in used condition too, the price was so ridiculously low that I can put that into refurbishment. To this point I had already dismembered the tein coilovers which now had to share its place with the new shiny aragosta parts. The r33 shocks are two inches shorter than the r34 ones. Technicaly they will fit, but the ride height might be a “little bit” low.


Ignoring the HKS clutch you might notice the oldschool cusco front camber arms. While they only give a certain influence on camber we will take a closer look on them – and the reasons I preffere those – next time.

So, stay tuned!

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