The suspense about some small arms

The suspense about some small arms

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Suspension arms have several functions, influencing static camber, dynamic camber, dynamic toe, track, just to name a few. Today I show – and tell – you why I choose the old Cusco camber arms over some new shiny Driftworks or Japspeed ones. You may have guessed it, camber arms are for …. camber… and further more the different aftermarket ones give you the option to fine tune your camber. While the Driftworks and Jaspeed ones allow a little more influence on camber than the Cusco ones. The Cusco ones in the following picture are pretty massive and very tough. That’s why I choose them, the will take far more abuse than the competitors models.



But since the weren’t new anymore I decided to rebuild them as well. While dismembering them I saw the opportunity to reconstruct them. First of all I started with cleaning the whole thing to see how much actual substance has been left over the years.



After removing all the layers of lose rust and dirt I had to get rid of the old adjustment screws. At this particular moment I earned myself the “Darwin Award”. I somehow managed to weld on another screw to the remainings of the last one to successfully remove it, but totally missed the point that I couldn’t turn it enough to unscrew it. No big deal, some hammer love fixed it very quickly, yet it reminds me that even after all this years working on cars and trucks you still can have a brain-fart from time to time.

Finally, after having it cleaned and sanded I started modifying it a little bit. While working on them I noticed that, although the thread holes were there the gap in between was too short to use them in maximum negative camber position. So to spare neither trouble nor expense I set it up and made it fit.


That has granted me a half degree of additional negative camber for adjustment. With approximately three degrees of negative camber it will have enough for the most set ups. If I will ever need more negative camber I might start building some camber arms on my own. But this time, without earning a “Darwin Award”, hopefully! Currently I am waiting for the Cusco Poly-bushings to arrive, after finally having them here I will burn out the old ones and give the arms into sandblasting. After that they will get some color, so:

stay tuned!

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