Can We Finally Fix The Skyline Coilovers ?

It is the year 2021, finally, we had no luck in 2020, but can we finally fix the Skyline coilovers now in 2021? The coilovers really gave us a hard time right from the beginning. Replacement parts weren’t available at all. The springs were covered in rust. The shocks were covered in dirt and grime. Hard to believe that this set of Aragosta coilovers started as a replacement for a set of broken TEIN dampers. After all, we still don’t know if a set of R33 GTR coilovers (which physically fit R34 GTT, but are shorter overall) will result in a very low, but usable ride height, or in no ride height at all. So, can we finally fix the Skyline Coilovers? You can watch our newest video right here. Or the whole playlist here. If you want to read up about how it all started you can do that here.