Stepping Up From Photo To Video Can Be Scary

Stepping up from writing blog entries with included pictures to document our Nissan Skyline project car progress, to scripting, lighting, recording, cutting and publishing videos is not an easy task. While a lot of things from taking pictures are also applicable during filming, some minor things become vastly more important. For example lighting. Modern DSLR make it pretty easy to save a slightly over, or under-exposed image. Trying the same on a video clip can pretty much ruin the whole shot.

Yet it is just another process to learn. All the rules about light, action and composition still apply. They just become more important and are accompanied by new things to keep in mind. While we toyed with this step for a long time now, the current situation of the world gave us the final impulse to do so.

A simple channel trailer is already available on our motorfanatics youtube channel. You can watch it on youtube right now via this link:

As we have said in the video, we are by no means professionals, but we strive to improve with every shot video.
Coming friday we will upload the next video, in which we will examine the ins and outs of our Nissan Skyline project car.

So stay tuned!