A Different Perspective -Working on the Shop Space

Sometimes all it takes to find inspiration is a different perspective. While working on the new shop platform flooring to gain just that little bit of extra space (for yet another car ofcourse) I took some time to enjoy the “scenery”. After all, hours of fighting countless stubborn woodscrews needs a break.

shop rebuild

The idea was to have just the little bit of extra space to be able to store yet another car. I think every petrolhead can understand that there always has to be more room for just yet another car. After carefully adjusting the first few floorboards and making sure they stay put it was time to enjoy the scenery.

nissan skyline r34 gt-t on shop lift

Although those flags are a remedy from a time far gone, I can’t bring myself to take them down. They quite add to the style of this rough backyard shop. While the car might only be identified by some serious car guys, the front bumber is far more telling.

For those of you who still don’t know about which iconic JDM car we are talking. You’ll have to wait just a little bit longer…