We Have Got A Real Nissan Skyline…

A R34 Nissan Skyline Chassis. Getting into a “new” project car is never easy. You have to first of all, to find all the hidden damages and problems, then assess how much money and work it takes to get rid of them. (…And later on realise that you in fact did underestimate all of it.)

This is even more of a problem, if you only have a rough outline, of what happened to the car in the past. Some problems are more obvious. For example major body panel damage is difficult to overlook. On the other hand, damages like the hidden accident damage on the front left inner fender is easy to overlook, especially when painted black and coated with dust. You may walk just past it, even with the fenders removed.


In addition to that, there are those problems, that don’t even look like problems at all – from afar. Like the engine bay paint job. But on a closer look you immediately notice that the auto painter must have had a bad day. Missed spots, overspray on insufficiently masked of parts, flaking coats etc. In short, all the things you most definitely do not want when paying somebody to paint your engine bay..

A Nissan Skyline R34 is for many JDM enthusiasts a very special car, even all the non GTR variants. Nonetheless they are regular cars too, with regular problems. In our first youtube video, we talk about all the problems we did find on the car. Furthermore we go a little bit into detail, about the cars history. Click the video, or link to get to our youtube video, stay tuned!