Skyline engine bay unpainted

Can You Paint An Engine Bay With Rattle Cans?

Yes, no, maybe. Can you really paint an engine bay with rattle cans? The answer to that question strongly depends on what quality you expect. We gave it a try on our R34 Skyline.

It starts with sanding and preparing the surface for painting. For best results this step is identical to a regular engine bay paint job. The same goes for masking and degreasing.

For best results we stay traditional and keep primer, paint and clear coat separate. You should use quality products. Most of those offer color matched spray cans and an adjustable spray cap.

The most important part when you paint an engine bay with rattle cans is the cleaning and degreasing. All the hard work after that relies on this crucial step. All in all it is not difficult to do. You just need a little time and patience.

As you can see in our video here, even we made it look good. So you can do that too!